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Shopping in India
India a great destination for shopaholics.
India is a place for shoppers and now tourists spend a large section of there tourism expense on shopping. Tourists love to shop. In fact, travelers spend one-third of their total travel funds on retail purchases. In India, one can find anything from cheap clothes to luxurious branded clothes and from crude metal to fine musical instruments and items and heavy metal articles for decorations. The only problem is to find out and reach to the best things one is looking for. Here read and discover what to buy and from where to buy.

Wondering where and what to shop in India. Here, each region is famous for its specific craft and industry. Each specific region item, appeal for its uniqueness. Here we are trying to give a state by state guide, as to what and where to shop in India. A guide for shopping in India by region to region.
India has been divided into various states-
Uttar Pradesh,
Shopping in Punjab
Shopping in Assam
West Bengal,
Himachal Pradesh,
Madhya Pradesh,
Arunachal Pradesh,
Rajasthan shopping….etc.